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Romantic Relationship/Family Therapy:

  • Exploring attachment history in order to increase self-awareness in relationships

  • Developing self-compassion

  • Increasing accessibility, responsiveness and engagement to strengthen connection in relationship

  • Growing through new ways of processing experiences

  • Uncovering self-talk and messages that no longer serve

  • Repairing betrayals/infidelity

  • Healing life transitions such as grief, illness and death


Family Enterprise & Wealth Therapy:

  • ­­­­Enhancing communication between successors and founders 

  • Addressing marital conflict and its impact on the business

  • Processing generational/professional succession 

  • Moving from parent-child relationships to peer-to-peer relationships 

  • Exploring expectations for family engagement

  • Processing change and growing pains within the organization and the family

  • Strengthening sibling relationships and navigating roles in the family

  • Setting boundaries and improving work-life balance

  • Preparing for life transitions such as death and divorce

  • Increasing transparency and working through conflict resolution

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